What do we do?

At Business Brawlers we aim to build & support businesses that focus on creating opportunity. ​ As a millennial based board of directors, we wish to change South Africa into the country we have always known it to be. One of success, growth, peace and promise.


Why do we do it?

Our goal is to collaborate and innovate with S/SME businesses and talented entrepreneurs with the potential to change the world, build a stronger economy for South Africa and create job opportunities for those whose lives have been impacted by our ever-changing climate. ​


How do we go about it?

By providing market access to tailored, affordable, intelligent Software as a Service Solutions (SaaS) and experienced consulting, we support businesses with future growth. Our solutions afford your business the ability to better mitigate costs and increase bottom-line distribution. Simplifying your processes by adding efficiency and reducing overall operating costs, allowing you to focus on your core business and increase revenue.


We keep our eyes open for your business opportunities and work hand in hand with select experts that have our same can-do determination. We see your vision. We know your pains. We understand your goals.


Let us work hand in hand with you in developing an iron clad road map for success, to help you achieve the unachievable.


For South Africa, by South Africans


Currently Level 4 BEE

Business Brawlers Capital (Pty) Ltd are partnered across global markets including UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai

We offer financing.

All services are provided through South African owned entities, ensuring to employ more South Africans and rebuild our own economy.

We know what you need.


Managing Partner


As a sales person by nature, Robyn has dealt with the complexities and difficulties of various industries. Anything from Art, to Finance, to Travel to Corporate Technology Solutions.


She has founded 3 of her own companies prior to the start of Business Brawlers and maintains a strong vision of creating further opportunity for the world by providing her expertise and knowledge to other likeminded individuals.


Certificate in Generic Management

Bachelor of Arts Diploma

Financial Certificate in Professional Selling

Certificate in Crisis Management & Human Behaviour

Certificate in Crowd Management

Certificate in Security Awareness

Tony Robbins UWP Graduate