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We are able to assist you with the process of obtaining SARB Approvals and  Foreign Tax Clearance Certificates from SARS and can facilitate the Transfer of your funds at preferential exchange rates, so you save money on the exchange rates from your bank.

Services Offered:

Foreign currency transfers for investment,  property purchases or sales, estate late beneficiary payments as well an inward payments such as foreign earnings or inheritances.

•Tax Clearance Certificates and SARB Approvals

• Non-Resident Bank Accounts for Non SA Citizens

• Assistance with the full Financial Emigration Process

Financial and Taxation Services

  • Professional Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Services

  • Accounting Services

  • Financial Statements

  • Independent Reviews

  • Corporate and Individual Taxation Services

In addition we are able to assist in sourcing funding for your business and projects.

Offering you a unique distribution channel and a proprietary credit model, providing safe, efficient access to capital. Each business is different and each business requires a unique finance model to assist with taking their company to the next level.


We can provide finance for the following:

  • Short term finance – Unsecured

  • Venture Capital

  • Bridging Finance

  • Working Capital injections

  • Secured long to medium term funding

Protecting  your cash flow by predicting risk - we specialize in sourcing, verifying and analysing data on companies to provide full transparency and insights. 

Managing your financial risk in Africa is hard.  Who can you trust?  Who will deliver?  Who will still be around next year?  We assist by generating transparency in your supply chain to avoid fraud, waste and disruptions.

We provide you with the upper hand.  

Our Benefits include:

  • Increased Revenue

  • Improved Financial Accuracy

  • Market Growth Strategy, and

  • Accelerated business vetting and credit analysis.